A Video Glossary of Literary Terms
by John Day

The main purpose of my project is to create a video glossary of selected literary terms for secondary language arts students to use as a tool for review. The video includes a presentation of definitions and examples of common literary devices in a visual way so that students will be able to retain the concepts presented. The ultimate goal is that this video will serve as an instrument to solidify students’ familiarity with literary elements so that they will be proficient and confident in their ability to analyze literature. 

Hopefully the video glossary will provide them with a strong, relatable context to fall back on. While the video is not intended to be an exhaustive review due to time constraints, I selected a handful of those that in my experience have given students the most difficulty when it comes to applying these literary concepts to analytical tasks. In addition, I designed the project using various forms of popular culture with a somewhat “campy” storyline to develop an element of entertainment to maintain student motivation and engagement with the material.

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